Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It was a good lunch today.

Eating, talking, sharing, laughing.
Then suddenly I realised,
I wasn't feeling conscious of myself at all.
Like wow.
It's indeed a change from last week.
I don't know what made the difference,
But I still thank you babes.

For taking all in your stride.
My crankiness, sleepiness, silliness, lameness.

All the crooning in the lab.

Silly gestures and loud whispers.

There won't be another like this
And I won't forget the day Eunice said,
"fond....your head ah!"

And please, don't ever leave Runx.

Because you know that I don't like to talk to new people.
Much less teach them the ropes of the trade.
For my sake.

My last words:

没有, 没有, 没有, 没有, 没有....

The K-Boxers
Middle: Faye Wong
Right: Jay Chou-possessed

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